I love all the questions that all of the athletes have brought to the table this week. Many of the athletes mention their weight and the need to get on a scale daily or weekly to check for changes. Beside the fact that our challenge is an awareness challenge, what does the scale really tell you that you don’t already know. At what point did you look at yourself naked in the mirror and say “I wonder if I’m in good shape or not?”, you already knew the answer. But there we go, running for the scale to either blow sunshine up our skirt an let us know that yes, I’m smart enough, I’m good looking enough and dog gone it people like me or confirms our inner knowledge that we are once again falling short of our inner fitness model. If your scale and you were to appear on Dr. Phil he would inform you that in either scenario the little SOB is an enabler and then ask you “How’s that working for ya”. Do you think if a “Biggest Loser” contestant passed you on the street you wouldn’t know they were unhealthy without knowing their weight, more importantly if they dieted and worked out could they lose 100 lbs without getting on a scale? Weight is one of dozens of metrics used to measure body composition and thereby to a small degree our level of fitness. We are trying to form a more sustainable long term relationship between how we feel and what we eat, how we look happens to be a side benefit, a really great one but still a side benefit. Stay off of the scale for 30 days, look past the trees and see the forest it’s a much more enjoyable scene.


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