So, maybe you need a new habit.


Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things. . .I am tempted to think. . .there are no little things.
(Bruce Barton)

You don’t need the latest super-food from the Amazon.  You don’t need a Shake Weight or Perfect Push Up.  It’s not a pill or piece of equipment.  You need to know the dirty little secret of self-discipline.

Self- discipline has nothing to do with will power, strength of character or intellectual horsepower.  Discipline is the result of habits.  I see highly disciplined people everyday.  Drive behind the hospital and see people in white coats who are so disciplined that even though the see the ravages of sickness everyday, they are going to take 15 minutes every couple of hours to get in that cigarette.  I know people so disciplined that even though they are bone tired, they will sacrifice sleep to see their show, the one available on demand 24/7 online.  I know people of such dedication that even if they had to work late and skipped dinner, they still find a way to make that glass of wine happen, maybe two.

Discipline is really the sum of our habits.  Every one of our habits contributes to the fabric of our lives.  To be blunt, we spend about 90% of our lives on auto-pilot. “Why did I end up sitting down on the couch to watch TV when I am so tired and ready for bed?”..habit.  Every one of our habits fall into two catagories.

  1. This habit takes me closer to the person I want to be
  2. This habit takes me further from the person I want to be

If you are now feeling swept up the tsunami of ALL the choices we can make stop and breathe into a paper bag a couple of times.  Here is the good news, we don’t have to break all our bad habits, breaking habits is hard, real hard, but replacing them is the judo flip we can use to kickstart our success. Here is five areas where a little effort can make an outsized impact on our health and wellness.

  1. Diet? Eat better.
  2. Rest? Go to bed earlier.
  3. Activity?  Get up a do something.
  4. Me Time? Make some.
  5. Less Stress? Relax.

“IS IT REALLY THAT SIMPLE?” Yes, sort of.  People often confuse simple with easy, I see it coaching all the time.  It is simple because we know what to change, but those things we want to change also make us feel not in control.  We will make it easier by leveraging the power of habit to replace our low value behaviours with high value behaviours.  Simple but not easy, so in my following articles I am going to go into each one of these areas and lay out the simple strategies for big change. Subscribe and let’s make an impact together.



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